A Lesson in Perspective

         Link, honey you’re such a good bun and I’m so sorry if today distressed you in anyway. But it was worthy of a writeup anyway.
  Today I took Link outside to his outside cage because it had been so long and he needed the exercise. He had a nice run around. Things were alright until Brooklyn, my brother’s new dog, came out to play.
She was innocently playing around with Link, perhaps pretending that he was another dog friend to jump around with. I told Link that he she ever laid a paw on him I’d pummel her (and I would). They both seemed to hop around. (Rest assured they were separated by a cage) But it became apparent that Link was more fearful than playful so I immediately rushed over to him. Trying to get Brooklyn out of the way. I no longer cared for her playful nature and I knew she had crossed the line. It isn’t difficult for anyone to cross the line, that line is Link’s approval and he was out of breathe.
I no longer cared for Brooklyn’s antics. I spent the next half hour trying to calm Link down. I told him stuff like how tough he was tangling with a dog that size and other positive affirmations. He’s such a tough bun. Somewhere along the way I realized I was telling him the things that people would say to me when they were trying to calm me down and encourage me. I realized how pointless it was to say these things when these things didn’t do much to make things better although it was  nice to hear nonetheless.
Another point I wanted to make was how although it seems like things are over, they aren’t. Something happened Monday that (so I suppose yesterday) made me feel like things were fatalistically over. and I soon got a response that things weren’t as bad as I thought. So another lesson in “things aren’t as bad as they seem” In addition to my lesson in perspective positive-talk.

A Lesson in Perspective

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