Sad Times & the Body Modification Lifestyle

I’ve been feeling like writing for a few days now. But first I must dance around the idea of what I want to write about. At first I wanted to write my long awaited “The Time I was a Youtuber” but I am not feeling that so much, especially when noting the past two blogs were called: Summertime Sadness and Forced Optimism.
To be forthright I have been hurting. I sometimes wonder if I should create two of every account to rectify how public and how private I really want to be. There are so many tweets or posts I’ve wanted to say but haven’t on account of “public persona”. I want to convey hope and promise even when I feel anything but.
There’s a lot of truth I want to put out there but there’s a lot of it I don’t want to address at all. The threshold between two sides is where I remain; in the middle of nowhere, feeling nothing. Trying to make sense of things and doing what I can to better things in whatever and however way I see fit. Such as purchasing things some may not think we need or retracing steps I’ve taken before.
It is through actions such as this that I can announce a reappearance of my labret. I’m not even sure people knew I had it done or if I even took it out but I did. In January I took my labret out and two days ago I got it repierced. And finally my piercing seniority checked out and I got a discount on my labret. I got it tapered (stretched) instead of just newly pierced because I had it done before. I used a gift card to pay for it all and that’s as far as seniority benefits go, maybe dating an artist would improve things?
Would full disclosure improve things? Would everyone like it better if I said outright the piercings or tattoos I have my eye on and the body modification I would likely never do? After all, body modification is a lifestyle: I may take a piercing out or get a tattoo coverup but I’ll always be a part of  the body modification culture.

Sad Times & the Body Modification Lifestyle

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