Forced Optimism

I was considering writing about everything that was wrong with Riverdale because that show is honestly a trainwreck of a show that is better viewed as a show in it’s own rite (like seriously Veronica Lodge is the most inaccurate character ever made from comic to show) But there are a million and one reasons why things could be wrong or bad. It’s best to focus on the good.
I am continually forcing myself to be a bit optimistic because it is so easy for me to be pessimistic.  I can certainly name a million things wrong with life right now. Perhaps it’s better to see the good so I don’t fall into another depressive stupor. It’s the small things that keep you going: a good meal, a simple task, a nice interaction. These things are the the things that make life worth living and turn threads into strong ropes that help us get through the tough times.
Focus on the good part of life, even if you aren’t naturally an optimist. Cry if you need to, laugh if you need to and always remember you aren’t alone.

Forced Optimism

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