27 Lessons I Learned in 27 Years

      On the eve of my birthday I figured there was no better reason to write up a 27 life lessons I learned in 27 years.

1. Sometimes you know better. For example I knew Link needed to get fixed.

2. Don’t concern yourself with bragging rights. Bragging can be seen as petty and is merely a self-stroking exercise for those that don’t have anything else.

3. Everyone is on their own path and thusly cannot be easily compared. That person is on that path and you are on your own.

4. Everyone is a whore for love. When it comes to serious topics such as love don’t expect to know what other people will do, it can be a large sacrifice that shows you others darker sides.

5. People aren’t mind readers. Tell the person what you think instead presuming they should know.

6. People love differently.

7. Do what you think is right and don’t rely on other opinions to tell you it’s right.

8. Prebleach, it may damage your hair but it’ll make the dye truer to colour.

9. Know when to give up. If your navel doesn’t heal properly the second time, know that it’s just not for you and stop wasting your money.

10. Sometimes you’ll want to do things that don’t make sense, as long as you are aware of the consequences go for it, but it still may not make sense.

11. Dress for your body type, this is a gem I wish I knew sooner.

12. Know the difference between loving an idol and loving a race. If you love someone else from that race it doesn’t make them that idol.

13. Sometimes you need to try things once to realize it isn’t for you. If you “just know”, keep it brief.

14. Hentai Haven isn’t for casuals.

15. Don’t forget what you learned living on your own.

16. Charlie and Link are that “someone to love”, embrace that until mr. Right comes along.

17. Know what you want out of life and act accordingly

18. If something bugs you, talk it out, even if it’s by yourself in your car. Also find your “happy place”

19.  Monthly white boards are a great investment, get that shit asap!

20. Every time you eat say 頂きます or ありがとう, be grateful for the food.

21. Love yourself, or try to.

22. Try not to sass people out, it may turn into something you regret later.

23. If its something you think you can do and you’ve thought out a plan, do it, it may be appreciated: for example the flower pot and address outside.

24. Figure out how you can cope and don’t judge how others cope too.

25. Use pinterest to up that housewife quotient.

26. People do as much of their job as they see fit: underachieving, overachieving or just right, it’s still kind of like it was in high school.

27. Always be dreaming, aspiring, it keeps you going.


27 Lessons I Learned in 27 Years

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