SuG – Agaku English lyrics (rough)

It is derived from 3-6-5-0days next phase
The face of the innocent era to look back on

I grabbed a reasonless mobile hand

pieces of dream with lots of scream
No basis pride eyes before white out
The signpost is an impulse
Hey Step Step Step Step
<<If it collapses anyway Moral challenge desire
If anything collapses Previous greedy desire challenge
Counter attend/Request>>

The story that fascinated soul fascinated

Is it a comedy or a tragedy?

Because I am more greedy than myself

It is only a dream that will not come true yet


It was full of scratches that were tightrope

And also in the future

It’s just a false rage or a mistake

Just scratch to make it the truth

There is no scary one either

I want to say such a dialogue

I want to get away now

But I can not betray everyone

Correct answer is not easy air

Struggle to abandon Spirit Threat not enough Energy

The value of the backwater team


Ideal pathological expression desire if it will come true

The stage that kept wandering without sex

Glory or is it real?

The value of the sacrifice we paid

I did not have time to think about that

We are

I had to keep swimming and I could not take my breath

I can not choose what to throw away

Foolish and clunky

I will just leave a nail that will never disappear


It was full of scratches that were tightrope

And also in the future

Even if the goddess abandoned me

I will make a point of grinding and make you fall in love again
Whether it is a tightrope or a bruise

I will not live tomorrow alive unchanged

It’s just a false rage or a mistake

Just scratch to make it the truth

SuG – Agaku English lyrics (rough)

Sad Times & the Body Modification Lifestyle

I’ve been feeling like writing for a few days now. But first I must dance around the idea of what I want to write about. At first I wanted to write my long awaited “The Time I was a Youtuber” but I am not feeling that so much, especially when noting the past two blogs were called: Summertime Sadness and Forced Optimism.
To be forthright I have been hurting. I sometimes wonder if I should create two of every account to rectify how public and how private I really want to be. There are so many tweets or posts I’ve wanted to say but haven’t on account of “public persona”. I want to convey hope and promise even when I feel anything but.
There’s a lot of truth I want to put out there but there’s a lot of it I don’t want to address at all. The threshold between two sides is where I remain; in the middle of nowhere, feeling nothing. Trying to make sense of things and doing what I can to better things in whatever and however way I see fit. Such as purchasing things some may not think we need or retracing steps I’ve taken before.
It is through actions such as this that I can announce a reappearance of my labret. I’m not even sure people knew I had it done or if I even took it out but I did. In January I took my labret out and two days ago I got it repierced. And finally my piercing seniority checked out and I got a discount on my labret. I got it tapered (stretched) instead of just newly pierced because I had it done before. I used a gift card to pay for it all and that’s as far as seniority benefits go, maybe dating an artist would improve things?
Would full disclosure improve things? Would everyone like it better if I said outright the piercings or tattoos I have my eye on and the body modification I would likely never do? After all, body modification is a lifestyle: I may take a piercing out or get a tattoo coverup but I’ll always be a part of  the body modification culture.

Sad Times & the Body Modification Lifestyle

Forced Optimism

I was considering writing about everything that was wrong with Riverdale because that show is honestly a trainwreck of a show that is better viewed as a show in it’s own rite (like seriously Veronica Lodge is the most inaccurate character ever made from comic to show) But there are a million and one reasons why things could be wrong or bad. It’s best to focus on the good.
I am continually forcing myself to be a bit optimistic because it is so easy for me to be pessimistic.  I can certainly name a million things wrong with life right now. Perhaps it’s better to see the good so I don’t fall into another depressive stupor. It’s the small things that keep you going: a good meal, a simple task, a nice interaction. These things are the the things that make life worth living and turn threads into strong ropes that help us get through the tough times.
Focus on the good part of life, even if you aren’t naturally an optimist. Cry if you need to, laugh if you need to and always remember you aren’t alone.

Forced Optimism

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Summertime Sadness

      As a person who has had bouts of Seasonal Affective Disorder, it seems uncommon that I would have issues with depressive symptoms during the summertime, but I do. It is not a product of lack of sunlight so much as other contributing factors. I recall recently that I lose sleep and cannot get to sleep because…brace yourself…I am too happy. I find no reason to shut my eyes because I don’t want to miss out on the awesome time I am having merely living life to it’s fullest. Happiness or not a lack of sleep has horrible results. I have also picked up my bad habit of forgetting to eat. Most notably I have been in desperate need of quench my thirst but with little to no success. I can’t stand any drink anymore. I’ve picked up the horrible habit of comparing myself to others, mind you I sincerely believe that comparison is the devil. I want the best for so many people but I have a horrible habit of wishing I had the luck that others have in regards to having jobs and significant others. I wish I were as lucky, but it can’t be helped in the end.
It’s best to focus on what I can do, what I do have and what I need to change to correct the problems I have in life. Namely, I may always have depression, regardless of the seasons, but that does not mean I have to be victim to it every single day of my life. I’d prefer to counter it with a great sleep hygiene and perhaps set up reminders for food consumption. I should count my blessings more and ignore the comparison between myself and anyone else. For it is through comparison that I retreat into myself and fail. I will live the best life I can possibly live and fight back against this persistent summertime sadness.

Summertime Sadness

27 Lessons I Learned in 27 Years

      On the eve of my birthday I figured there was no better reason to write up a 27 life lessons I learned in 27 years.

1. Sometimes you know better. For example I knew Link needed to get fixed.

2. Don’t concern yourself with bragging rights. Bragging can be seen as petty and is merely a self-stroking exercise for those that don’t have anything else.

3. Everyone is on their own path and thusly cannot be easily compared. That person is on that path and you are on your own.

4. Everyone is a whore for love. When it comes to serious topics such as love don’t expect to know what other people will do, it can be a large sacrifice that shows you others darker sides.

5. People aren’t mind readers. Tell the person what you think instead presuming they should know.

6. People love differently.

7. Do what you think is right and don’t rely on other opinions to tell you it’s right.

8. Prebleach, it may damage your hair but it’ll make the dye truer to colour.

9. Know when to give up. If your navel doesn’t heal properly the second time, know that it’s just not for you and stop wasting your money.

10. Sometimes you’ll want to do things that don’t make sense, as long as you are aware of the consequences go for it, but it still may not make sense.

11. Dress for your body type, this is a gem I wish I knew sooner.

12. Know the difference between loving an idol and loving a race. If you love someone else from that race it doesn’t make them that idol.

13. Sometimes you need to try things once to realize it isn’t for you. If you “just know”, keep it brief.

14. Hentai Haven isn’t for casuals.

15. Don’t forget what you learned living on your own.

16. Charlie and Link are that “someone to love”, embrace that until mr. Right comes along.

17. Know what you want out of life and act accordingly

18. If something bugs you, talk it out, even if it’s by yourself in your car. Also find your “happy place”

19.  Monthly white boards are a great investment, get that shit asap!

20. Every time you eat say 頂きます or ありがとう, be grateful for the food.

21. Love yourself, or try to.

22. Try not to sass people out, it may turn into something you regret later.

23. If its something you think you can do and you’ve thought out a plan, do it, it may be appreciated: for example the flower pot and address outside.

24. Figure out how you can cope and don’t judge how others cope too.

25. Use pinterest to up that housewife quotient.

26. People do as much of their job as they see fit: underachieving, overachieving or just right, it’s still kind of like it was in high school.

27. Always be dreaming, aspiring, it keeps you going.


27 Lessons I Learned in 27 Years