The Importance of Body Modification and Othering

I may or may not have been spending a bit of time thinking about body modifications and watching modified people on youtube. (1, 2, 3) I’ve thought about modification enough to consider that the reasons to modify vary a bit but are probably concerned with liking the aesthetic or wanting to be different. I wish to focus on the latter.
I’m not in the position to say why certain people got certain modifications but I would like to analyze the reason why, perhaps they just wanted to be different or they just feel different and wish to display it in their chosen method.
Being a human is a very lonely thing when you get down to it. There is only one of us. Everything that happens changes who we are and how we react to it is dependant on who we want to be. Experience changes us, interactions change us, thinking about things change us. It is up to each individual how they choose to live their life and what they want out of the one life they have to live. This is why it isn’t surprising that some people feel so “othered” and different that they join the body modification community. As I stated previously, it depends upon our experiences, but through my own I can verify that the body modification community can offer that bit of acceptance that is so vital to a person’s self-esteem. We accept that we are different and we display through the modification that we see fit. The other people in the community fully accept that we are different and they are different and there is camaraderie in our differences.
Live how you see fit, but if curious consider the body modification community to accept your feelings of not belonging.

The Importance of Body Modification and Othering

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