Spring Cleaning and Being a Badass

I recently finished “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero audiobook. I have also done a bit of spring cleaning, so lets discuss both. In so far as spring cleaning is concerned I’ve started throwing out many things in my room and cleaning it up a bit. This has resulted in a perhaps neater room but a larger feeling of organization and that has been incomparable and a general fantastic feeling over all. I feel very in control of life now that a bit of spring cleaning has been accomplished. It’s amazing.
I began taking notes further into the book so I only have a handful of notes. Based off of what I wrote down to be a “badass” you must have faith and gratefulness. Always have faith that something good is around the corner and be grateful for what does happen. You should also be abundantly forgiving. Forgive all those who wronged you so there is nothing weighing you down. Another point that was driven home numerous times was that you create your own reality by your thoughts. Everything that happens to you and your reaction to it, based primarily off of your thoughts creates the foundation of your thoughts and life. Another thought pushed in the book is that you should not procrastinate. Do what you want to right now.  In the moments that the amount of things to do is overwhelming the advice given is to do a little at a time and force yourself to do it if necessary.
There are many points that the book addresses in regard to life in general as well as how to be a general “bad ass” for example when looking at fears, see them in the future perspective. See fears not as a unsurmountable obstacle but rather how awesome it would be to have faced those fears. Another point mentioned by Sincero is that the thing you look at is the thing you focus on, another version of the you create your own reality by the thoughts that you have. In this reality, as important as money is, you should treat it as a relationship. This seems like sound advice that I may just take to heart.
The last bits of advice offered in the book are in reference to the law of attraction. If you want something there is an amount of surrendering you must do. Surrender to the wills of the law of attraction. There was a chapter on the powers that be; be it God or whatever the reader believes exists the law of attraction is intrinsic in it’s role of it coming true. When we ask the world for something who or what we are asking is who we are surrendering to.  The next step is that we should visualize it happening. Visualizing it happening begins to instil details. The overall next steps is to create details surrounding wishes. Make specific plans, and even make a manifesto or goals and read the manifesto often.
If you wish to be a badass yourself, start today. I’d also advise to do a little spring cleaning 😜

Spring Cleaning and Being a Badass

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