April is Minimalism Month!

April marks a quarter way through 2017. It also marks one of the more stressful months; exams and taxes being included in such a wonderful batch of days. For me it doesn’t count as much anymore: no longer on youtube, no longer in schooling, April is just another month. Although I have taken on a couple challenges: last month I tried to be grateful every single day, this month I am trying to minimize my life in many ways. So far it has been surprisingly tricky. The first day being a “100% no internet” day. I struggled with it but the following days were easier. Today, for example, I am not supposed to complain for an entire day. Not too tricky. Looking forward (with the exception of the 25th where I actually do have things planned) it doesn’t seem like fulfilling this month’s requirements will be too tricky. It would seem that getting off the internet is my only vice.
The internet is as important as breathing for me: it’s where I express my views, where I talk to friends and where I get work! To not be on the internet is a challenge in itself. And in 2017 it has become an unreasonable request. But as I agreed to take this on I will try to get off the internet and social media as required.

April is Minimalism Month!

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