March I actively tried to be grateful every day. It was helpful during the trying times.

Day 1:smell I’m grateful for: lavender, red roses and vanilla 😀

Day 2: the technology I’m grateful for is the internet, it’s pretty much my bread and butter tbh.

Day 3: colour I’m grateful for….black, white and purple.

Day 4: Food I’m grateful for…hmm coffee and tea and fries >.<v and BBT and Foundation and chow mein!!

Day 5: Sound I’m grateful for….I’m grateful to hear first of all, and I like the rain, and the selected tunes on yt etc

Day 6: what in nature am I grateful for? The sight and sound of falling leaves. The sunset, fireplace scent and TREES!

day 7: memories I’m grateful for: open mics, Guatemala, the Gorge, Rio, California, Toronto…

Day 8: book I’m grateful for would be the Little House on the Prairies series, grandma used to read them to me…and×9/960.jpg …

Day 9: place I am grateful for. Maple Grove Park & Adrenaline <33

day 10: taste I’m grateful for: soya sauce on rice (craving it now)

day 11: holiday I’m grateful for: Nov 5th ^,^ keep that gov honest!

day 12: texture I’m grateful for would be satin or cotton.

day 13: abilities I’m grateful for: ability to play guitar, piano, sing and to speak/learn languages

Day 14: sight I’m grateful for: to see at all! Also sunsets, wirrow pics and great yt vids

Day 15: Season I am grateful for is Summer: nonstop sunny days!

Day 16: body part I’m grateful for: eyes and lips (esp when there’s a piercing there ;p) and my feet and back, gotta love those tats!

day 17: knowledge I am grateful for is no matter what everything is going to be alright, that and the small tidbits I’ve picked up in life

day 18: the piece of art I’m grateful for would be each art print I’ve collected from @wirrow

Day 19: touch I’m grateful for would be that of a good massage and/or a soft bathrobe

day 20: who I’m grateful for: family, friends and a few artists like SHINee :$

day 21: song I’m grateful for: … … among others

day 22: story I’m grateful for would be Tower of Babel, Good Night Moon and Lil House on prairie.

day 23: traditions I’m grateful for: 5th of Nov, Christmas and  every body mod anniversary I get cake 🙂

day 24: what challenge am I grateful for: that awful incident that happened a year or so ago and every exercise goal I set for myself

day 25: moment this week I’m most grateful for: having Charlie sleep outside my door each night. He’s such a sucker if you feed/walk him.

day 26: form of expression I’m most grateful for: music, hugs and positive affirmations.

day 27: small thing that I use daily that I’m grateful for: piercings, phone, keys.

day 28: small thing today that I am grateful for: lactose intolerance has subsided, it’s small but huge!

day 29: friend/family I’m grateful for: brothers and dog.

day 30: talent/skill I’m grateful for: writing and singing

next month Im going to try minimalism.



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