Clarification on SxE and Vegetarianism

Woo second blog in a week/day!
I just wanted to clarify something that seems to be disrupting a few people’s opinion of me, not significantly but still changing it.
Once upon a time I had a really awful time at a concert and at the time the decision to be straight edge seemed like the best option available to me. A few months later I gave up meat for a day, and then a week and then a month, as a gift to a band member. Since then (September 2 2006 and February 5 2007) I’ve identified as a straight edge vegetarian.
I have been fine with this label and lifestyle since making the decision those years ago. However since then I’ve re-evaluated my choices. A drama may or may not have made me completely question my decision. Since re-introducing alcohol into my life I learned that I’m pleased with half a beer but because it costs more to buy a six pack (do they even sell singles?) it would be a large financial commitment to buy my own. I’ve rectified this by sometimes drinking wine or beer, but not as a regular occurrence. This changes my role as a straight edge individual does it not?
As for ¬†vegetarianism, I’ve been trying to flirt with veganism for the longest time. But as I have never been successful with it (apparently there is no way I can be vegan and enjoy milky bubble tea) I’ve given up the idea and have taken enjoyment in my vegetarianism. As it stands I don’t ever see that changing in the foreseeable future.
So there you go, no longer straight edge but still vegetarian. My status for you to judge.


Clarification on SxE and Vegetarianism

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