Simple Fixes

(x_x☆  I have been through the ringer in just the past day or two. I had originally planned to dive into Nintendo Nostalgia, but that’s a pretty in depth one and I want to do something a bit gentler so today I’m going to get into simple fixes when I feel this way.
Hands down my first note that I want to put out there is there are more complicated factors in this situation that I don’t feel especially comfortable discussing through blog, so I’m going to gloss over that and move on to what I am comfortable discussing.
Depending on the time of day I have some automatic quick fixes if I feel upset. Yesterday  I automatically fell asleep for example. I have early shifts sometimes and tend to nap afterwards and that’s what I did, much later in the day. That was legitimately automatic because I didn’t try to sleep, it just happened. Otherwise I would probably take a bubble bath. A simple shower to wash my hair helps me lots and I did that at around 3 this morning.
If I can find the time and have access to my laptop or phone I listen to music. Whatever seems appropriate at the time will do just fine. Recently it’s been GazettE but I’ve been craving SHINee lately. Similarly if I can find a good time I can often bother the dog or the bunny for some loving. At a previous time I would play guitar to fix things, but that has been more occasional.
Simple fixes also include turning on my lava lamp or humidifier. Best of all is writing. Writing, journalling, scheduling, it all helps. Another thing that helps is actually employing the service I am part of IMALIVE. I am part of this organization and I can tell through use that it does help, as does all the things I previous mentioned. ^.^

Simple Fixes

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