Husbandos and Devotion to Bands

No longer will I write about not know what to write as I did in my previous blog. I have contemplated a few ideas to write about and for lack of a better idea today I’ll write about the latest: Husbandos and Devotion to Bands.   Recently I spent quite a pretty penny (we’re talking a little bit into the three digits price range) on one ticket to one of my favourite bands. To ensure this blog is a little interactive I’ll let you know.
I told my mother how much I was a bit hurting financially since the purchase and she thought it important to know who I would spend such money on. Devotion, dear readers, devotion has me hurting. I love SHINee like no other. It worried me though if SHINee had a concert and other groups had concerts nearby. Namely those that have found a home on my wall: Dave Matthews Band, AFI, Marianas Trench, GazettE and SuG. I would add An Cafe to that list but at this point it would benefit me and my pocketbook to devote myself to less bands.
That being said I can still play pretend and imagine being married to a singer or two.
(。♥‿♥。)”  In those sort of scenarios my husbandos would be Taemin, Takeru, Jade and Dave -even though the last two are married.
Each artist and band has caught my attention and has been so important to me that spending a few hundred dollars just to see them seems like nothing. My adoration of each of them can be described with no better word than: devotion. This devotion encapsulates all my commitment, love and adoration for the artists and bands that have reliably been there for me through everything.

Husbandos and Devotion to Bands

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