March I actively tried to be grateful every day. It was helpful during the trying times.

Day 1:smell I’m grateful for: lavender, red roses and vanilla 😀

Day 2: the technology I’m grateful for is the internet, it’s pretty much my bread and butter tbh.

Day 3: colour I’m grateful for….black, white and purple.

Day 4: Food I’m grateful for…hmm coffee and tea and fries >.<v and BBT and Foundation and chow mein!!

Day 5: Sound I’m grateful for….I’m grateful to hear first of all, and I like the rain, and the selected tunes on yt etc

Day 6: what in nature am I grateful for? The sight and sound of falling leaves. The sunset, fireplace scent and TREES!

day 7: memories I’m grateful for: open mics, Guatemala, the Gorge, Rio, California, Toronto…

Day 8: book I’m grateful for would be the Little House on the Prairies series, grandma used to read them to me…and×9/960.jpg …

Day 9: place I am grateful for. Maple Grove Park & Adrenaline <33

day 10: taste I’m grateful for: soya sauce on rice (craving it now)

day 11: holiday I’m grateful for: Nov 5th ^,^ keep that gov honest!

day 12: texture I’m grateful for would be satin or cotton.

day 13: abilities I’m grateful for: ability to play guitar, piano, sing and to speak/learn languages

Day 14: sight I’m grateful for: to see at all! Also sunsets, wirrow pics and great yt vids

Day 15: Season I am grateful for is Summer: nonstop sunny days!

Day 16: body part I’m grateful for: eyes and lips (esp when there’s a piercing there ;p) and my feet and back, gotta love those tats!

day 17: knowledge I am grateful for is no matter what everything is going to be alright, that and the small tidbits I’ve picked up in life

day 18: the piece of art I’m grateful for would be each art print I’ve collected from @wirrow

Day 19: touch I’m grateful for would be that of a good massage and/or a soft bathrobe

day 20: who I’m grateful for: family, friends and a few artists like SHINee :$

day 21: song I’m grateful for: … … among others

day 22: story I’m grateful for would be Tower of Babel, Good Night Moon and Lil House on prairie.

day 23: traditions I’m grateful for: 5th of Nov, Christmas and  every body mod anniversary I get cake 🙂

day 24: what challenge am I grateful for: that awful incident that happened a year or so ago and every exercise goal I set for myself

day 25: moment this week I’m most grateful for: having Charlie sleep outside my door each night. He’s such a sucker if you feed/walk him.

day 26: form of expression I’m most grateful for: music, hugs and positive affirmations.

day 27: small thing that I use daily that I’m grateful for: piercings, phone, keys.

day 28: small thing today that I am grateful for: lactose intolerance has subsided, it’s small but huge!

day 29: friend/family I’m grateful for: brothers and dog.

day 30: talent/skill I’m grateful for: writing and singing

next month Im going to try minimalism.



Learning to Speak the 5 Love Languages

I’m a believer that there should be a list of books that everybody should read to understand how to live life. If I’m compiling a list of books to add to that list, this would definitely make the list: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I recently purchased this book physically and digitally and I completed it last night.
When I first glanced at the list of languages I knew immediately what language my family spoke, and what language I was probably proficient in. The 5 languages are:
words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, & physical touch
I realize that my parents mostly speak acts of service, quality time and receiving gifts (during Christmas) But I knew immediately the languages I was lacking was words of affirmation and physical touch. Many of the languages I cast off as “given”- well obviously if we were in a loving relationship we’d spend quality time together and do things for each other. It took a moment for me to step back and realize what I truly needed and the language I probably spoke: words of affirmation. I spend much of my life doing what I needed to do get by without much confirmation that what I’m doing is correct or valued. I definitely respond more with affirmative words. Physical touch is also valuable to me but if I think about it in relational terms I’d much rather receive words of affirmation than have physical touch. This was an important point in the novel. Perhaps disagreements in marriages are only because we aren’t speaking the same language. This and that even our presence can be a gift.
I feel like I’ve learned a lot from this book. I intend to continue to read novels that will increase my knowledge. Next up is You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. I may write a blog post once I finish that novel as well. Until then, ensure you’re speaking the right language in your relationships!

Learning to Speak the 5 Love Languages

Clarification on SxE and Vegetarianism

Woo second blog in a week/day!
I just wanted to clarify something that seems to be disrupting a few people’s opinion of me, not significantly but still changing it.
Once upon a time I had a really awful time at a concert and at the time the decision to be straight edge seemed like the best option available to me. A few months later I gave up meat for a day, and then a week and then a month, as a gift to a band member. Since then (September 2 2006 and February 5 2007) I’ve identified as a straight edge vegetarian.
I have been fine with this label and lifestyle since making the decision those years ago. However since then I’ve re-evaluated my choices. A drama may or may not have made me completely question my decision. Since re-introducing alcohol into my life I learned that I’m pleased with half a beer but because it costs more to buy a six pack (do they even sell singles?) it would be a large financial commitment to buy my own. I’ve rectified this by sometimes drinking wine or beer, but not as a regular occurrence. This changes my role as a straight edge individual does it not?
As for  vegetarianism, I’ve been trying to flirt with veganism for the longest time. But as I have never been successful with it (apparently there is no way I can be vegan and enjoy milky bubble tea) I’ve given up the idea and have taken enjoyment in my vegetarianism. As it stands I don’t ever see that changing in the foreseeable future.
So there you go, no longer straight edge but still vegetarian. My status for you to judge.


Clarification on SxE and Vegetarianism

SHINee V: Right By Your Side

          I’m still reeling from last night. Last night for much of the day I was oscillating between crying and blushing. It was a concert I’d really only want to share with an extremely close friend. Similar as singing is to some people, the feelings SHINee bring me to is something very private but immense.
Certain things have become expected from my purchasing history: such as buying something without question. In this case it would be SHINee tickets. The second I heard they were on sale I waited up until presale and bought it immediately. It was without question: click best available, take a moment to take in the cost that I’m about to dish out and then click purchase. As I said, it was without question, despite being the priciest tickets I’ve ever purchased.
I thought the seats I got were upper left balcony, little did I realize my tickets were for the orchaestra section. I was literally two rows in front of the stage, two rows in front of the stage. Suddenly the price of the tickets made much more sense.
It started late. The lineups and crowding was suffocating. I knew SHINee had the ability to sell out coliseums so I should have expected the crowds. Another good friend to healing navels, crowds. In the end they made announcements on the PA that assured us we would be able to enter soon. It did happen past 7:30 mind you.
Once I found my seat, I noticed papers over each chair. There were two: one for the self introductions and one for the encore. The crowd rarely used either as some brought their own sign.
It began with a video, as to be expected in SHINee World concerts. It was unremarkable, the crowd screamed during the members’s cameo. Repeatedly throughout the night I noticed how easily “Flaming Charisma” Minho controlled the audience, and the first VCR was my first taste of that. Although now that I think about it, there were a bunch of K-drama fans in the audience, they have just liked his performance in Hwarang.
The concert started with Hitchhiking and was soon followed by Why so Serious. As soon as Juliette started afterwards I began to wonder if there were even going to be introductions so I could hold my sign up. Alas there were following Juliette. There was a translator for those less adept at English (i.e. Key, frigging hate that he’s so skilled at two languages!) It was nice to get to know them. It was clear they were very tired having come from Toronto just today. I noticed Minho was trying  to communicate in English and Key was soon becoming a very good go between. Onew was so nice and Taemin, shy as expected. Jonghyun broke my heart a little: he is clearly very well spoken and had a lot to say but couldn’t really speak English at all (although he did read our sign quite flawlessly)
They broke into Prism soon after introductions. Followed by Replay and another VCR of Beautiful, I was in complete bliss. I wanted to see them perform beautiful but it’s inclusion in a video was satisfactory. The next song was Hello, which included wonderful words on the screen for those inclined to sing a long (I sang along to every song except two Japanese songs.) It was followed by Odd Eye, which is just one of those songs I wouldn’t mention to anyone else, a song that get’s you hot and bothered, I can confirm. So of course it was followed by Feel Good. They then played another video of them dancing as one person (one of them would make a move and then another would move, but it would be one person, if that makes sense) This video covered Lucifer, Sherlock, View, and Replay. The video was followed by a performance of Sherlock (clue+note if that makes a difference)  And then it was Taemin’s turn to shine with a solo of Sayonara Hitori. Followed by a reunified Ring Ding Dong which required the audience to sing along. Followed by my dream come true Lucifer (it was the song that got me into the group) There was another talking bit. The next song I’m not 100%, according to the setlist I have here (which so far has been the most accurate one compared to my experience) it says it was Selene 6.23, which it very well could be. It was a song I didn’t recognize, and thus didn’t sing a long to. (This one and Fire, which occurred earlier) Supposedly it says it was followed by Aside, which I find hard to believe (this is how I know certain set lists were wrong, because I fricken LOVE certain songs and I would KNOW if they were played.) They broke into Don’t Let Me Go which led to Please, Don’t go, an Onew and Jonghyun duo. There was a regroup, and might I mention I need to regroup. I’m following a setlist, which compared to others was pretty accurate. Although I remember some things differently. I know they did Like a Fire, and I think Shift was in there too. However I’m unsure of the order.
There was more talking. They spoke of our excitement which knocked the jet lag out of them. Key retold the quip about them being rain men and that they have again brought the rain with them to Vancouver. They paired off to get ready for the final performance. First it was Jonghyun, Taemin and Onew entertaining the audience and then it was Key and Minho. Key found out from the crowd the types of songs the audience would like to hear such as Stand by Me and Get the Treasure. Once they were regrouped and changed costumes Taemin introduced the final song: Encore.
Again I cannot promise the accuracy of the order of these songs. All I can verify is that it was a wonderful night with supposedly only one hiccup to the song Ring Ding Dong. Otherwise fantastic experience that has me still blushing and crying uncontrollably today.

Honourable mentions: Rescue, I friggen love that song too. But they did not perform it. They did, however perform Ready or Not, the more dangerous dances out there, and Dream girl during encore. All and all I must say if they ever came around these parts again, I wouldn’t be surprised if I shelled out even more money to see them once more.

SHINee V: Right By Your Side

Childhood Nostalgia

NOTE: Although I didn’t include it in this blog Binding of Isaac, Don’t Starve, Putt Putt (a game I played in preschool-kindergarten age), Little Big Planet and Call Of Duty are also games I enjoy playing, although more so as an adult.

This blog was a long time coming. I’ve been a fan, closeted or not, of Nintendo™ for a while now. It defined my childhood and maintained a place in my life as an adult.
When I was as young as 7, I remember going into the basement and playing on the consoles we had there. We had an NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and a Sega (to be  honest I can’t remember which model it was but I remember playing it). I remember most of the games I played on the consoles too, not limited to Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Country, Sonic the Hedgehog, Excitebike, Duck Hunt, Contra and likely Mario Party and Mario Kart. I recall playing Bubble Bobble and  Bomberman on the computer as well as Paperboy on my brother’s old television. I also recall my other brother’s Sega Game Gear. On that I played Mortal Kombat 2 and another game that I can’t recall the name of.
As I recall all these games, I get that fuzzy feeling of nostalgia and a bit of pride knowing how I’ve tried to recreate access to these games in my adult life. A few years ago I told my mum that I wish I could recreate my gaming childhood and she got me a wii and later she got me a 3DS. Thanks to the purchases I can play current versions of Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong and Mortal Kombat. I am also trying to figure out my latest purchase of Sonic the Hedgehog. In addition to reliving my childhood games I’ve also added to the mix: Animal Crossing, Legend of Zelda (Skyward Strike – my first LoZ on wii, Ocarina of Time, Link Between Worlds and Phantom Hourglass all on DS), Hyrule Warriors, Super Smash Brothers, Scribblenauts and Corpse Party.
As I await my latest purchase Sims 2 Pets (a computer game tryst I forgot to mention as well as GTA on the computer) I realize the bulk of my income goes towards my re-realized dedication Childhood Nostalgia.

Childhood Nostalgia

Simple Fixes

(x_x☆  I have been through the ringer in just the past day or two. I had originally planned to dive into Nintendo Nostalgia, but that’s a pretty in depth one and I want to do something a bit gentler so today I’m going to get into simple fixes when I feel this way.
Hands down my first note that I want to put out there is there are more complicated factors in this situation that I don’t feel especially comfortable discussing through blog, so I’m going to gloss over that and move on to what I am comfortable discussing.
Depending on the time of day I have some automatic quick fixes if I feel upset. Yesterday  I automatically fell asleep for example. I have early shifts sometimes and tend to nap afterwards and that’s what I did, much later in the day. That was legitimately automatic because I didn’t try to sleep, it just happened. Otherwise I would probably take a bubble bath. A simple shower to wash my hair helps me lots and I did that at around 3 this morning.
If I can find the time and have access to my laptop or phone I listen to music. Whatever seems appropriate at the time will do just fine. Recently it’s been GazettE but I’ve been craving SHINee lately. Similarly if I can find a good time I can often bother the dog or the bunny for some loving. At a previous time I would play guitar to fix things, but that has been more occasional.
Simple fixes also include turning on my lava lamp or humidifier. Best of all is writing. Writing, journalling, scheduling, it all helps. Another thing that helps is actually employing the service I am part of IMALIVE. I am part of this organization and I can tell through use that it does help, as does all the things I previous mentioned. ^.^

Simple Fixes

Husbandos and Devotion to Bands

No longer will I write about not know what to write as I did in my previous blog. I have contemplated a few ideas to write about and for lack of a better idea today I’ll write about the latest: Husbandos and Devotion to Bands.   Recently I spent quite a pretty penny (we’re talking a little bit into the three digits price range) on one ticket to one of my favourite bands. To ensure this blog is a little interactive I’ll let you know.
I told my mother how much I was a bit hurting financially since the purchase and she thought it important to know who I would spend such money on. Devotion, dear readers, devotion has me hurting. I love SHINee like no other. It worried me though if SHINee had a concert and other groups had concerts nearby. Namely those that have found a home on my wall: Dave Matthews Band, AFI, Marianas Trench, GazettE and SuG. I would add An Cafe to that list but at this point it would benefit me and my pocketbook to devote myself to less bands.
That being said I can still play pretend and imagine being married to a singer or two.
(。♥‿♥。)”  In those sort of scenarios my husbandos would be Taemin, Takeru, Jade and Dave -even though the last two are married.
Each artist and band has caught my attention and has been so important to me that spending a few hundred dollars just to see them seems like nothing. My adoration of each of them can be described with no better word than: devotion. This devotion encapsulates all my commitment, love and adoration for the artists and bands that have reliably been there for me through everything.

Husbandos and Devotion to Bands