Writing about not knowing what to write

I cannot stress how it feels to be completely unhappy about the idea that I am staring at a blank screen (the 21st century’s blank page) not knowing what to write.
When I started up blogging again I decided every Tuesday I would write a blogpost, no matter what. It’s a good idea to devote some time to just write. I remember in grade 12 wee were expected to free write in the beginning of each class. I’m not sure that there were many gems that came from those times, but I do know that the chances that I write a gem is improved if I write something. If nothing else, writing about not being inspired to write may just be the topic. I do know that that was the topic I wrote about in grade 12 often.
I did wake up at 6:30 today, without any reason to. It makes me wonder if that is a good idea or not because today I felt like I had an abundant amount of time. I ate more often also. I had breakfast and lunch, which prior to this morning was rarely consumed. I’m still on the fence on whether that’s a good or a bad thing. In the past I would have to take a crash course on regulating my schedule. Maybe it’s a good thing to regulate my schedule but I’d rather keep it unregulated until I know what I’m regulating my schedule to.
I woke up and made my “srsbsnss phone call” today. I hope I get a response, but otherwise the contents of the call was whether or not they heard something regarding my employment status. I could be employed soon, which is pretty big in itself. No longer will I be a NEET or unemployed person on unlucky or hard times. In any case I’d much prefer to cross that bridge when I come to it. I’d probably do that with most things.

Writing about not knowing what to write

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