Ideas for Children’s Arts & Crafts


-Make roads for toy cars by using colored tape on carpet.

-You can also use tape to create some oversized, fun games.

-Turn your driveway into a fun target game using chalk and sponges.

-Chalk is also a great way to play dress-up without dolls.

-Exploding paint bags can be a messy, fun art project for your kids.

-Use plastic container lids, glue and food coloring for a neat painting craft.

-Have extra bubble wrap? Make stomp paintings.

-Cut up a tarp with scissors to make a cheap throwing game.

-Create a quiet, safe game of Jenga by using cut-up sponges.

-Use foil to make a big river in the backyard.

-balloon ping pong

-marshmallows and toothpicks

-penny spinners

-paper plate emotion masks

-paper plate dream catchers

-googly eyes

-memory games

-cereal box guitars

-paint w q tips/pompoms

-glitter glue

Ideas for Children’s Arts & Crafts

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