Uwakimono- 96 (english lyrics)

that beautiful shape of a heart arched

just as a thin as crescent

but the other side is still sad

I feel that these close but I can only hug myself

There is nothing strange or even no change

only lose that feeling of love

while we are close embrace

feelings of flattery wear

if I had known, shall not

We do not have the courage to change this way

hugging each other with feeling

9 (x7) 6 9(x15) 6 9(x7) 6 9

that these days are painted with watercolours ?

they take with them all the good humour

carbon dioxide accumulates in the room

and never returns

egotism of two people who are in need of love

digging in places where not even try to see

we sat back to back consoling

embracing, embracing, embracing closely…

closely… (x3)

9 (x7) 6 9(x15) 6 9(x7) 6 9

stay close to me…

close to me… (x6)’



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