What’s in my Bag?

Feeling a bit lost at the moment and I’m not completely sure what I should write about, and so I’m digging into my blog ideas and uncovering the “What’s in my bag” topic.
I switch bags and have a variety of different things in different bags. For instance if you look into my child care bag there’s stuffed animals and toys which I would not normally have with me.
As for my regular bag there’s my wallet, phone, keys, perhaps a notebook and pen, tissues and wet ones. If I’m going out to walk the dog I’ll always have a plastic bag just in case. When travelling I have my 3DS. If I’m going out eyeliner, compact and lip gloss would be in the bag. Sometimes I have jewelry with me to change pieces on my body. I may have various pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, rings and bracelets as well. Although above all it depends where I am going and why. I would say the wallet, phone and keys are always with me (or should be).

What’s in my Bag?

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