The Juice Cleanse & My Difficult Week

It feels like a long time since I’ve blogged but perhaps that is only because the content hasn’t been current. Even though it is still a fresh topic I think I’m ready to delve into my current situation.
Previously I said that my days have been shrouded in work, funnily enough that isn’t true anymore. I used to work every single day as a “two weeks notice” initiative as I was laid off work starting Jan 29. On the last week I knew the inevitable and kept it to myself, while quietly coping by eating copious amounts of food until I felt better. I rarely use this tactic but I figured it would only be for a short while.
Going through a layoff hurt. I did everything I could though. I brought print outs, play doh, instruments, toys and cake. I sewed up fabric soccer balls and did everything else to make everything okay. I bought cupcakes for staff meetings and special gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free cake for the children. Finally I wrote a note a posted it to my drawn introductory picture that I had made when I first began. The note basically stated that we never know what the future holds and I will miss each child and that the leaders are lucky to foster the next generation. I ended it with “don’t let your dreams be dreams”, which ironically was playing as I was writing the letter and a “さよなら”.
I remember when I was younger. I was let go from a job too. I was so upset and distraught over it I didn’t know what to do. This time around I am just sad. The situation was what it was: their budget was always a pet peeve of mine and it got me out of there in the end.
To make up for all the junk food I was consuming during the last week on the job I knew I needed to do a crash course juice cleanse. It wasn’t my first time with the juice cleanse as my family introduced me to the idea. I went to the grocery store and bought five  900 ml containers of juice. I only planned to be on the cleanse for a long weekend, three days, but I bought extra just in case.
The first day I went completely vegan. I’m not sure if it was the immediate switch to juices or the vegan habits I’d adopted but I felt extremely faint the first day. I immediately adopted a “all juice but one meal” addition to the diet. This helped as I already knew relying solely on juice was not doable for me. As it was Lunar New Year I ordered out of Modern City.
The second day I learned well about the three or four o’clock wall I run into. I ran to McDonalds for some grilled cheese, ordering two orders to make up for the lack of calories. At this point I knew that I was home free if I could just make it to tomorrow. The ridiculous situations I find myself only because I ate poorly the week before, I thought.
The final day was upon me. I made sure I kept to plan and finished my Extreme Energy and Mango & Passionfruit drinks. I’d also taken a few sips of my Chocolate & Banana, Vitamin C and Chocolate Cashew Nut smoothies. I decided to order in from Modern City again although I had originally planned on going to the Foundation, there were no Car2Go’s nearby.
I felt successful in small ways. Although I occasionally felt faint, it helped to not feel…for lack of a better word “icky.” It also helped in the washroom department. I don’t recommend flippantly going on a juice cleanse but it can be okay sometimes.


The Juice Cleanse & My Difficult Week

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