Anime & Drama Watchlist

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi

Big Order

Mischievous Kiss -drama 16×50

Future Diary

Angel Heart -drama

Ghostwriter -drama 10×56


Majestic Prince 24×24

Detective vs detectives -drama 11×56

Shin Sekai Yori 25×23

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


Blast of Tempest

Ace Attorney


Taboo tattoo 

Lets Fight Ghost -drama

Cinderella and the four knights -drama

Goblin -drama

Kiss him, not me


Is this a zombie?


Cowboy bebop

Koro sensei quest

to love ru



Anime & Drama Watchlist

Writing about not knowing what to write

I cannot stress how it feels to be completely unhappy about the idea that I am staring at a blank screen (the 21st century’s blank page) not knowing what to write.
When I started up blogging again I decided every Tuesday I would write a blogpost, no matter what. It’s a good idea to devote some time to just write. I remember in grade 12 wee were expected to free write in the beginning of each class. I’m not sure that there were many gems that came from those times, but I do know that the chances that I write a gem is improved if I write something. If nothing else, writing about not being inspired to write may just be the topic. I do know that that was the topic I wrote about in grade 12 often.
I did wake up at 6:30 today, without any reason to. It makes me wonder if that is a good idea or not because today I felt like I had an abundant amount of time. I ate more often also. I had breakfast and lunch, which prior to this morning was rarely consumed. I’m still on the fence on whether that’s a good or a bad thing. In the past I would have to take a crash course on regulating my schedule. Maybe it’s a good thing to regulate my schedule but I’d rather keep it unregulated until I know what I’m regulating my schedule to.
I woke up and made my “srsbsnss phone call” today. I hope I get a response, but otherwise the contents of the call was whether or not they heard something regarding my employment status. I could be employed soon, which is pretty big in itself. No longer will I be a NEET or unemployed person on unlucky or hard times. In any case I’d much prefer to cross that bridge when I come to it. I’d probably do that with most things.

Writing about not knowing what to write

Ideas for Children’s Arts & Crafts


-Make roads for toy cars by using colored tape on carpet.

-You can also use tape to create some oversized, fun games.

-Turn your driveway into a fun target game using chalk and sponges.

-Chalk is also a great way to play dress-up without dolls.

-Exploding paint bags can be a messy, fun art project for your kids.

-Use plastic container lids, glue and food coloring for a neat painting craft.

-Have extra bubble wrap? Make stomp paintings.

-Cut up a tarp with scissors to make a cheap throwing game.

-Create a quiet, safe game of Jenga by using cut-up sponges.

-Use foil to make a big river in the backyard.

-balloon ping pong

-marshmallows and toothpicks

-penny spinners

-paper plate emotion masks

-paper plate dream catchers

-googly eyes

-memory games

-cereal box guitars

-paint w q tips/pompoms

-glitter glue

Ideas for Children’s Arts & Crafts


Uwakimono- 96 (english lyrics)

that beautiful shape of a heart arched

just as a thin as crescent

but the other side is still sad

I feel that these close but I can only hug myself

There is nothing strange or even no change

only lose that feeling of love

while we are close embrace

feelings of flattery wear

if I had known, shall not

We do not have the courage to change this way

hugging each other with feeling

9 (x7) 6 9(x15) 6 9(x7) 6 9

that these days are painted with watercolours ?

they take with them all the good humour

carbon dioxide accumulates in the room

and never returns

egotism of two people who are in need of love

digging in places where not even try to see

we sat back to back consoling

embracing, embracing, embracing closely…

closely… (x3)

9 (x7) 6 9(x15) 6 9(x7) 6 9

stay close to me…

close to me… (x6)’



What’s in my Bag?

Feeling a bit lost at the moment and I’m not completely sure what I should write about, and so I’m digging into my blog ideas and uncovering the “What’s in my bag” topic.
I switch bags and have a variety of different things in different bags. For instance if you look into my child care bag there’s stuffed animals and toys which I would not normally have with me.
As for my regular bag there’s my wallet, phone, keys, perhaps a notebook and pen, tissues and wet ones. If I’m going out to walk the dog I’ll always have a plastic bag just in case. When travelling I have my 3DS. If I’m going out eyeliner, compact and lip gloss would be in the bag. Sometimes I have jewelry with me to change pieces on my body. I may have various pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, rings and bracelets as well. Although above all it depends where I am going and why. I would say the wallet, phone and keys are always with me (or should be).

What’s in my Bag?

Getting Lost on Purpose

How often do you get lost? How often do you get lost on purpose? These days it seems necessary to get lost on purpose (aka GLOP) Because I am letting down the image of an ideal human being on many occasions and facets.
It is necessary to get lost to clear my head or to figure things out. In so many ways I find it necessary to get lost on purpose sometimes. Most recently it is to rectify the fact that I do not live an ideal person’s life (as NEET af) and so it is necessary for me to escape in k dramas (Doctor Crush) DS (Hyrule Warriors) and music (too many to count). And each escape has it’s own bottomless abyss to fall into (for instance SHINee and SuG)
But everything is okay as long as you follow the breadcrumbs back into society when I’m done getting lost. And when done getting lost it is important to remember to eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly, find meaning and hopefully make money in the process.


Getting Lost on Purpose

The Juice Cleanse & My Difficult Week

It feels like a long time since I’ve blogged but perhaps that is only because the content hasn’t been current. Even though it is still a fresh topic I think I’m ready to delve into my current situation.
Previously I said that my days have been shrouded in work, funnily enough that isn’t true anymore. I used to work every single day as a “two weeks notice” initiative as I was laid off work starting Jan 29. On the last week I knew the inevitable and kept it to myself, while quietly coping by eating copious amounts of food until I felt better. I rarely use this tactic but I figured it would only be for a short while.
Going through a layoff hurt. I did everything I could though. I brought print outs, play doh, instruments, toys and cake. I sewed up fabric soccer balls and did everything else to make everything okay. I bought cupcakes for staff meetings and special gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free cake for the children. Finally I wrote a note a posted it to my drawn introductory picture that I had made when I first began. The note basically stated that we never know what the future holds and I will miss each child and that the leaders are lucky to foster the next generation. I ended it with “don’t let your dreams be dreams”, which ironically was playing as I was writing the letter and a “さよなら”.
I remember when I was younger. I was let go from a job too. I was so upset and distraught over it I didn’t know what to do. This time around I am just sad. The situation was what it was: their budget was always a pet peeve of mine and it got me out of there in the end.
To make up for all the junk food I was consuming during the last week on the job I knew I needed to do a crash course juice cleanse. It wasn’t my first time with the juice cleanse as my family introduced me to the idea. I went to the grocery store and bought five  900 ml containers of juice. I only planned to be on the cleanse for a long weekend, three days, but I bought extra just in case.
The first day I went completely vegan. I’m not sure if it was the immediate switch to juices or the vegan habits I’d adopted but I felt extremely faint the first day. I immediately adopted a “all juice but one meal” addition to the diet. This helped as I already knew relying solely on juice was not doable for me. As it was Lunar New Year I ordered out of Modern City.
The second day I learned well about the three or four o’clock wall I run into. I ran to McDonalds for some grilled cheese, ordering two orders to make up for the lack of calories. At this point I knew that I was home free if I could just make it to tomorrow. The ridiculous situations I find myself only because I ate poorly the week before, I thought.
The final day was upon me. I made sure I kept to plan and finished my Extreme Energy and Mango & Passionfruit drinks. I’d also taken a few sips of my Chocolate & Banana, Vitamin C and Chocolate Cashew Nut smoothies. I decided to order in from Modern City again although I had originally planned on going to the Foundation, there were no Car2Go’s nearby.
I felt successful in small ways. Although I occasionally felt faint, it helped to not feel…for lack of a better word “icky.” It also helped in the washroom department. I don’t recommend flippantly going on a juice cleanse but it can be okay sometimes.


The Juice Cleanse & My Difficult Week