My Cell Phone Case

My days have become completely shrouded in work, through no fault of my own. However it’s a bit draining so I’m going to take a small break to write about some lighter subject matter: My Cell Phone.

My cell phone is a Samsung 6 curve, not the one that explodes. It is black and serviced by Bell. I also have a black enclosure wallet around it that carries my bank card, bus pass, ICBC card and Starbucks card.
I’ve decorated my cell phone case with a pink sakura flower, the words “Dream Big, Work Hard” and a sticker from Kerli’s sticker pack on the back. On the inside it says my name in Japanese on the top and the word “Hope” in kanji. This was all done by buying felt pens that can write on fabric or other materials.
In addition to the writing there are charms attached to my phone. On the clasp that closes the phone case there is a dog tag charm that says Hope. Attached to the side of the phone is a Link, Navi, musical note and Laito phone charm.
Partially I feel it is unnecessary to explain the importance of each charm. But to explain myself I’ll give a brief summary of each charm. The inclusion of Link alludes to a time when I was in post secondary where I felt like I couldn’t do anything right, until I came home and played Legend of Zelda. Link and I were a team and remembering all those hard fought battles reminds me that I can accomplish a lot more than I realize. Navi reminds me of this time too but she is also a guide in the game and provides me a metaphorical guiding light in life if ever I feel lost.
The musical note is a synecdoche for the whole of music and everything it means to me. In this case I’d like to say less is more and music means a lot. I will similarly be short with Laito, who is just another anime husbando that I fancy.
Hope you enjoyed this lighter weblog. See you next week!


My Cell Phone Case

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