My Reverse CV

I once heard of the idea of collecting past failures and putting it into it’s own CV. If that were the case my experiences would be vast. I have come across many “almosts” and plenty of “could have been”. I don’t look especially impressive on paper (although that has changed as of late) but if I wrote about my “reverse” CV I could write an epic.
Where to begin? Well I can say that I have extensive knowledge in serving and being in the kitchen. My kitchen knowledge is limited but I have worked around the kitchen and done tasks near it. Although my skill level in the kitchen is much greater. I can cook and take care of myself and the kitchen area on my own. However if this CV is focused on past experiences on the job I must admit my expertise in the kitchen is limited. On the contrary my skills as a server are more extensive. I’ve served at many different locations at varying lengths of time. I can clean tables, serve food, memorize table numbers and set tables.
I have also had experience at a grocery store check out. It was a brief stint but it involved employing my math skills as well as operating a till effectively. I was in charge as well as memorizing various codes on different items and lastly counting the amount of money in the till at the end of the day. This was a step above when I volunteered in a thrift shop and did similar mathematical tasks.
In addition to the mathematical skills I acquired at the thrift shop I also gained experience in sales. I learned the skill of talking up items to make them more appealing as well as perfecting the presentation of items.
I have experience with clients who are both old and young alike. Older people enjoy conversation and younger people enjoy conversing and play. Because of this I have also gained skills in drawing and colouring for the joys of younger people.
This has been my reverse CV to the best of my knowledge currently. I hope to gain even more knowledge that may become completely unimportant to my actual CV.


My Reverse CV

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