From Blogger to Vlogger and back again (and other announcements)

Previously I posted a blog on how fed up I was with Youtube. (Read it here)  Upon reflection I remain done with youtube. I previously planned that I would still post more infrequent videos but the more I think about it I think it’s over. I’ve been having issues with Youtube since September of this year. I would prepare, film and edit a video but when it came to upload the video wouldn’t transfer over and I would be stuck. I went to a specialist and he only introduced me into the idea of another way of posting the video. This issue began with My Go To Playlist and lasted to the final video I posted on Fight Club. For so long I knew that Fight Club was not the last video I posted. The reason for this was that I had created another video that could not be created and was later released in soundcloud podcast form, entitled Vlogging Therapy.
Currently I have rebranded enough to publicize blogs on here. This is something I always did. I used to have a xanga which has since been deleted and lost with the site. I used to create blogs and vlog simultaneously. Since the troubles I have had with youtube (as well as everybody else). To be clear on this matter I have not lost subscribers but rather view counts. And nobody has mentioned being unsubscribed. Youtube is having it’s own issues and I for one will not stand for it anymore. A long as I have an outlet then I will be fine.
So hey guys, I hope you get used to this new format, the less visual but more literal version. Now that I’ve cleared up the leftovers let me lastly mention in my “final” podcast I state I want to make youtube into a vlogging channel. As it stands I can no longer do that but I would like to post more videos, however rare they may occur. Instead rest assured Video Tuesdays will be replaced by Blog Tuesdays.
That being said, I promised announcements within the title of this entry didn’t I? The announcements is simple. I no longer subscribe to the label of “straight edge“. Rather I went from absolutely zero alcohol tolerance to rare to moderate alcohol every now and then. There are many reasons for this, suffice to say this decision did not happen overnight. Perhaps I will post about it in a future blogpost. (for those keeping track I would officially be straight edge for 10 years next September);
For now I can report #MusicMonday posts on youtube and soundcloud, blogs on here every Tuesday as well as frequent posts on instagram, pinterest and my usual child care job every morning at 6. Don’t forget to follow my twitter @LovexLyrics for all the latest.

From Blogger to Vlogger and back again (and other announcements)

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