End of Year Review 2016

End of year review

Tweets for 2015: https://t.co/sEXjThyFSv 

Resolutions 2016 https://youtu.be/jKehja_l5Fg

#messagefromthefuture: you can’t do everything in one day, therefore I’m assigning different tasks to each day. Jan 2

Link is 6 months old on Jan 6

Resolutions and such https://youtu.be/wZ7etMfbiDo Jan 6

To live in the past or the future means you aren’t making the most of the time you are in now. Dream big, work hard, it’s possible. Jan 6

I just learned that I can weaponize Link. He and I must decide what to do with this new power. Jan 9

Bowie passed Jan 11

Nearly got run over twice today, but what else is new? Jan 12

Self defence Jan 17

Past Goals https://youtu.be/GLXAivXwrQU Jan 20

Planted 100 trees Jan 23

How do Tuesdays at 7 work? Posting new videos Tuesdays and Fridays, Fridays will cover everything I learned that week in my courses. Jan 25

Keeping promises https://t.co/x1ffJy5C8i  Jan 26

TIL 1 https://youtu.be/_ggehPAXtoA Jan 29

My Youtube Story https://youtu.be/1MEA54ALpX4 Jan 31

January: took responsible adult in childcare setting course

Feb 6 bought final shipment of books

Spring: took Japanese course, grad Feb 19

gym and filming, no job but practice instruments

HIT kickboxing Feb 23

IMALIVE fundraising Feb

applied for IMALIVE and Big Sisters IMALIVE certified F25

Rethinking languages blogpost

Feb 18 ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Feral Hearts tmrw, and Taemin’s full length on Tuesday!

Tattoos “completed” Feb 21

gym, piano, japanese

#wtfu Sam Pepper shit march

We’re covered in wounds but we keep moving forward. #tattooworthylyrics March 11

Japan earthquake March 11

went vegan for the day March 11

March 9 SuG obsession, ended on March 12

UBC assertiveness course March 14

I really want everyone become an adult without forgetting the heart of a child – Takeru Miyamoto March 13

job hunting until march 7

March 15 So the rule is, if you introduce me to a group it will take six months to a year later for me to be fanatical over them. ;p おやすみなさい!

volunteering Jan-Oct

March 15 My Room: Behind The Scenes, Pictures on the wall and creative clutter ;p: https://t.co/FZpgJchiAj 

Mejibray noted for  later March 16

March 22 Becoming a Professional Fangirl (in 5 minutes or less!): https://t.co/EG2YctdbbR

March 25 get labret pierced

March 27 Easter photoshoot w Link

March 28 Anime all nighters Erased

April 2 created a patreon

April 5 – trying to master the difference between public and personal persona

April – had a depop

Prince died April 21

made a children’s kit april 27

May – ton of SuG/Takeru, GazettE and SHINee listening

May 5- GazettE concert

May 8 – Japanese class over, FoodSafe certified

May 14th- UBC Assertiveness course

June 1 video: 8 Signs You’re Obsessed with The Legend of Zelda

June 3 – completed tattoos

June 3 – Resolutions and my career blogpost

June 6 – Link’s first birthday

June 7 –Tattoo Inventory: Pain, Time Line and Meanings: https://t.co/84PlY6idUn

June 13- incident with toddler

June 17 – blogpost on weight

The Asian Test

June 21st- Van Gogh exhibit

Dopamine Rush June 22

June 28 Everything You Need to Know About Getting Pierced: https://t.co/VOngSvIlWe

June 28 new phone case

JULY: started doing pinterest ideas

blogpost on Legacy July 6

lnl playlist created on yt

Pokemon came out in Canada


VEDA 2016

August went to Rio

K with fam August 26


Sept 2 Everyone is saying “youtube is dying”, “youtube is changing”, “goodbye youtube”, you guys have to make vids for the sake of ‘em.

Sept pinterest ideas

Sept 8 Thou shalt not covet but I still envy those that have the job they love and know what they want out of life.

Audible. Josh Ramsay used Chamber choir

dyed my hair more often

September 17 Grandma passed

Sept 21 customized phone notifications

Sept 27 started having trouble w yt

Sept 28 employed by CSKC

Oct 13 Yoga Wednesdays begin

Oct 20 achieved all resolutions

Oct 23 framed degree

Oct 23 no more yt vids for the foreseeable future

Nov 9 I’ve thought about it and realized that..things happen and life continues. The world keeps spinning regardless.

Nov 16 I am not sorry but I need a permanent presidential cleanse. Unsubscribing to any accounts that mention the president.

Nov 24 That’s it, It’s over, I can’t do this anymore! blogpost

Nov 29 Giving Tuesday blogpost

Dec 5 il neige……雪が降った

Dec 10 getting my locks chopped off. No more mermaid length hair anymore

Dec 11 according to FB my 2016 consisted of tattoos, Rio, HIT, and being tired.

Dec 14 NEW BLOGPOST: From Blogger to Vlogger and back again (and other announcements)

Dec 19th cut myself out of a few financial snares tonight. All for the resolution of responsible spending.

Dec 20th on Bright Night train rn w nephews

Dec 21st: Good Deed December through: kiva (https://www.kiva.org/lend/1204474?name=christine5750&utm_campaign=permurl-share-invite-normal&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=t.co), Save the Children (https://t.co/5rANjVVdT7), MAP  (https://orders.map.org/collections/gift-catalog/products/disaster-response) and Bright Night Tickets (https://t.co/sYVRGyUHUX)

Dec 25: bought a mini NES system 😊

Dec 28th-Jan 3rd: in Florida with Grandfather and mum

Resolutions 2017: tbd

End of Year Review 2016

Resolution Review

Last year I set out to achieve a certain number of resolutions. They were:

improve piano, guitar, and Japanese skills

improve agency and assertiveness skills

complete tattoos

start career

self defend

work on public image

and continue the process of being well read

I accomplished each of my resolutions by October. By setting some time aside to practice piano (namely Thursday), guitar (namely Monday) and Japanese (namely Wednesday) I could accomplish the resolution of improving my skills. By taking a course in Agency and Assertiveness in May (through UBC) I could accomplish the resolution of improving my agency and assertiveness skills. By booking in a few sessions in with a tattoo artist I could accomplish my resolution of completing my tattoos. By getting a job in a desired field I can complete my resolution of starting my career. By taking a course or two at the beginning of the year I can learn to defend myself. By fine-tuning my image on the public domain I can accomplish the resolution of working on my public image and lastly I can continue the process of being well read through continually reading to my heart’s content.
At first the goals and resolutions I set out for myself seemed like a faraway dream, but when I accomplished it earlier on in the year than I had anticipated I realized just how possible it was to accomplish each one. Some resolutions were as simple as taking a course, others were more of a practice of carefully dedicated time and self-will. Some of these resolutions have no end point but the prospect of improving my skills is enough of an end point and vote of confidence.
Because I have accomplished each of my resolutions I have already set out new resolutions. Although seemingly monolithic at first the first two resolutions are to get a control on my spending and become financially secure and the other is to regulate my sleep schedule. Neither one seems easily doable at first, but they are both very important endeavours I must take on. I have already worked towards financial security by cancelling up to six subscription services that tied up much of my money. As soon as i did that I felt immensely better. I always felt like I never had enough money, but now that I got out of all of the prepaid situations I was in, that should lessen. Regulating my sleep schedule will be another practice of self control and dedication. Yet after accomplishing as much as I have this year, it seems doable, albeit tedious.


Resolution Review

From Blogger to Vlogger and back again (and other announcements)

Previously I posted a blog on how fed up I was with Youtube. (Read it here)  Upon reflection I remain done with youtube. I previously planned that I would still post more infrequent videos but the more I think about it I think it’s over. I’ve been having issues with Youtube since September of this year. I would prepare, film and edit a video but when it came to upload the video wouldn’t transfer over and I would be stuck. I went to a specialist and he only introduced me into the idea of another way of posting the video. This issue began with My Go To Playlist and lasted to the final video I posted on Fight Club. For so long I knew that Fight Club was not the last video I posted. The reason for this was that I had created another video that could not be created and was later released in soundcloud podcast form, entitled Vlogging Therapy.
Currently I have rebranded enough to publicize blogs on here. This is something I always did. I used to have a xanga which has since been deleted and lost with the site. I used to create blogs and vlog simultaneously. Since the troubles I have had with youtube (as well as everybody else). To be clear on this matter I have not lost subscribers but rather view counts. And nobody has mentioned being unsubscribed. Youtube is having it’s own issues and I for one will not stand for it anymore. A long as I have an outlet then I will be fine.
So hey guys, I hope you get used to this new format, the less visual but more literal version. Now that I’ve cleared up the leftovers let me lastly mention in my “final” podcast I state I want to make youtube into a vlogging channel. As it stands I can no longer do that but I would like to post more videos, however rare they may occur. Instead rest assured Video Tuesdays will be replaced by Blog Tuesdays.
That being said, I promised announcements within the title of this entry didn’t I? The announcements is simple. I no longer subscribe to the label of “straight edge“. Rather I went from absolutely zero alcohol tolerance to rare to moderate alcohol every now and then. There are many reasons for this, suffice to say this decision did not happen overnight. Perhaps I will post about it in a future blogpost. (for those keeping track I would officially be straight edge for 10 years next September);
For now I can report #MusicMonday posts on youtube and soundcloud, blogs on here every Tuesday as well as frequent posts on instagram, pinterest and my usual child care job every morning at 6. Don’t forget to follow my twitter @LovexLyrics for all the latest.

From Blogger to Vlogger and back again (and other announcements)