My Day Job

I cannot tell you in a word what my day job is. And perhaps that is a failing on my part. As soon as I left university I suppose I was supposed to have a title: Christine: blank. But I don’t.
As soon as I left university I picked up the loose ends I left before going. I re-interviewed for Big Sisters, because I couldn’t commit to the time they wanted from me. And so now I can and can be considered a “Big Sister” as soon as I get paired off. That alone is an interesting endeavour as I have always been the youngest.
The second thing I did out of university was sign up as a volunteer for Salvation Army. As a volunteer I get to take care of younger youth. I’m often on pursuit of different activities that will help me get more experience with youth because at the end of the day my career path ends as a youth counsellor.
The last thing I got my hands into was IMALIVE volunteering. With IMALIVE I work as a counsellor and friend and I listen and help people through difficult situations. It’s one of my favourite past times because I get to do what I always wanted to do: listen and counsel people. I wish I had heard of IMALIVE when I was younger, I could of used it to get through the tough things I went through.
When things get especially tough currently I spend a lot of time with my rabbit Link or my dog Charlie. I love them endlessly and they reciprocate it as only they know how. I’d probably work with animals in some other life time but right now that’s not what I’m meant to do. I’m meant to love them and treat them well and help the youth who need it.
Outside of the above mentioned there is PokEmon, pinterest cooking, exercise, music, , kdrama and youtube. I wish any of the things mentioned paid me at all. But that is the missing piece. I can certainly keep my days busy, but aside from small stints at jobs I apply for- get and lose- my biggest challenge is getting a job that is right for me and making bank like a regular person. But that was the problem in the first place, I was never a “regular” person.

My Day Job

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