The Self-Diagnosed Big 5

   As I’m currently in a month stint of Personality Psychology I figured it would behoove me to write a self-reported big 5 dimensions of the personality. So here I am on the cutting board again.

Openness (to experience)-

      On the scale of openness to closed-mindedness I would say that, as with many things, it would depend on when I am analyzed. I would like to believe that I am very open, however in actuality I am not open at all. I am stuck to the regiment that I agreed to. For instance when it comes to meat, I decided long ago that I will no longer consume it and now I am not open to changing that decision. I am fairly closed-minded in that sense, but if a new experience arose that I had no inclinations to oppose or deny, I would like to believe that I would be open to it. As for imagination, insight and interests, I would like to believe I have fairly high ratings in all three categories.



    On my scale of conscientiousness I would rate highly in a controlled situation. I have the capacity to be very thoughtful, goal-oriented, organized and mindful of details. I have the ability to keep my impulses in check, however, in highly stressed situations when things become haphazard I may lose my ability to be conscientious and become single-minded scattered and impulsive.



    Alas I was waiting for this one. My teacher previously was talking about personality and how if you can not slot yourself properly you may have difficulties with your sense of self and this course. On the scale of extraversion I would rate highly under the right circumstance. If I am with friends that I haven’t seen for awhile I can be loud, excited, talkative and extremely emtionally expressive. However I am normally not around my friends and so I tend to my introverted and withdrawn. It would take the right topic or person to draw me out of my comfort zone to be as loud and social as I am capable of being.



     It tends to be humourous when I can automatically slot myself with a quick “yes” or “no”, in this case I would say “ha, ha, ha NO.” But as with all the other dimensions it depends on context. I know myself best though and I would say that I don’t trust very easily, and is therefore a very rare thing if I ever trust someone. I am also rarely altruistic unless I care a great deal for you. I also do have the capacity to be kind. And I will be extremely affectionate to the right person. I believe it all comes down to trust though. I would like to be more prosocial because it would be advantageous for me but I cannot get past how little I trust people. If you’ve hurt me before, I will remember it and not trust you. My EQ (emotional quotient) is extremely high and metaphorically speaking, if you flick me, I fall down like a brick house. Some small injury will be huge if I ever decide to trust you and could potentially not trust you again. In this way I am very selective about who I trust and am nice, warm and open to.



     Neurotically speaking I would respond “ha, ha, ha, yes” but in all honesty I am not extremely neurotic. In the past I may have been scored highly neurotic but I’ve learned to be more stable. Emotionally I am stable, less moody and less irritable. I am fairly easy going and will take life as it comes, targeting certain causes that are very important to me. I have to be this way. This is because I have a history of depression and anxiety that I am in constant fear of spiralling back into. I have to remember to be stable, to be calm, and to check my emotions every now and then. Otherwise I may become anxious and depressed once more. This is also why I am so cautious when deciding upon courses every semester. I am so detail oriented that one course is enough for me to have a panic attack. I am slowly gaining my footing this semester with two.


Resource from Gordon Allport and Raymond Cattell, Big 5 Dimensions of Personality

The Self-Diagnosed Big 5

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