Dial Tone

Although I shouldn’t

I know

that I will never find someone

to be with

if I keep up this behavior

I should stop running around

like a scared rabbit

at signs of activity

of movement of danger

And remove the partition I have built

between one site and my life

I should live life fully

And not withhold entry

from those who just want to say hi

For where does “hi” lead?

Towards honest, large fears

To a “hi” with potential to harm

a torturous paroxysm of misery

So why chance it? I’m fine feigning

And everything is fine as

Long as the wall stands strong separating them

and me

with my senses and legs ready

like a frightened rabbit able to run

at any sign of acceptance

or perhaps I am just a skilled, avid collector

of phone numbers for guys

who I will never ever call

Dial Tone

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